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Here is a performance I did with the other tutors on the course 'BandIt Summer 2019 with the Richmond Music Trust.

This is a video of a performance I did @ Under The Bridge charity gig November 2019. It was an honour to sing at this event with the 'One Lonely Fiver' to raise money for

This is a demo of 'Little Me' that I did for some students. They used it for their GCSE project. All 3 voices are mine, not a perfect mix as I did it at home but I love singing in parts. 

I was the lead singer to a band called 'Slim Pickings' a few years ago. Due to other commitments I had to stop gigging with them but I loved it. Miss them...

Students Music

Show Must Go On by Janetta


This is a video of my very talented students, Janetta. We recorded this during one of her lessons and I edited it at home. She was a student of mine from the age of 9-19 years old. She did up to grade 8 through RSL with me, achieving a distinction for that final grade. She is now at university (2020) studying music and songwriting at ICMP and I am so, so proud of her. 

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Lead Vocals By Carrie Gardner 

Defying Gravity by Ralitsa (audio only)

Here is a recording of one of my past students, Raltisa. She was 15 (2019) when she recorded this with me during one of her lessons. She did grade 1-8 starting with ABRSM and later changing to RSL. She is a very talent singer actress and I can't wait to see what she does in the future.

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